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Don’t look at me and

Wake the desires

Don’t search and don’t fumble

Over the thought which

If born,

is unlawful

Don’t come near, don’t touch, don’t feel

Any emotion that dwells in your heart

It’s a mere tool of pain

Seemingly how cautious you may get

It will finally hurt you, hurt your existence

No one escapes the whirlpool of fate

You are no exception

Don’t take a flight that

Separates you permanently

from your ground

I give no light

I am tainted

Helpless and afar

Anguish is

Weaved into my fate

Who knows

Let’s keep this distance

As the night grows


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I am no Different

I am different

I give up easily

I am lazy

I don’t stick on plans

I don’t have a plan

I like listening

I will learn

I don’t like changes

I am adaptable

I break hearts

I hurt often

I am strong

I am weak

I like laughs

I try harder

I fail

I succeed

I am trustworthy

I lie sometimes

I have a dream

I will fly

I will reach the sky

I am no different

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