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All in my Mind

His arms are wide open

He smiles

Calling me to him


And it has been long

Since we last embraced


I smile back

I’m reaching out

I stop, dazed


This happens

For the countless time


It never stops, this mind

Playing wicked game

Behind the screen

He is still the same


His smile

It never fades

His eyes

They still shine


We still love and laugh

Still hold each other to sleep

It’s true, it’s magic

And it’s all in my mind


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I am drowning in my own darkness

Bit by bit..
Turning into nothing
Nothingness that exists

Hitting myself against the same wall
For hours or days or months, may be

Each time it hits,
I die a little inside

I get up and start again
Hoping for a favourable end

Nothing changes

The impact gets weaker
But the will remains

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