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Beginning of the End

While you spread butter on your bread Early morning

he lies almost dead on his bed

Silently as you bite into the thick crispy creamy loaf

dropping little crumbles On the cold floor

of the hospital, strange feet walk in and Walk out

on your own blood, how could You

further sink into your seat, closing your eyes

memories of your childhood  Flashes

the monitor  screen with his heartbeats

He inhales sharply into the mask,

causing harsh shivers in motionless body

heart pinches with a sudden ache

A tear drop falls on the blue sheet

that dies instantly leaving A small circle

forms when you pick up your tea cup

from the marbled counter

You walk past the French Windows  where

Sun rays are falling into the cold,

gloomy room filled with lifeless people

present there not by choice but by The only option

you gave him was your Beginning

of his End


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